Do You Believe?

A year or two ago I listened to my brother, Pastor Jim Schmitt * preach an incredible series on believing and faith. These words are so closely mingled. Defined as, “being fully persuaded/convinced.” Whenever one of these words is brought up in conversation I immediately think about this teaching.  “Do I have faith? Do I believe? Am I fully persuaded?” That’s good preaching right there!

Last week my pastor, Steve Lewandowski**, began to talk about faith, the faith of Abraham, the faith of our heroes in the Bible. I hate to admit this, forgive me pastor, but my mind wandered to being fully persuaded.

I love words. I’m crazy about looking up words. So I went home (maybe I started while in church) looking up believe and faith in the Old and New Testament.

I’m not going to chisel this down and dissect, I will leave it to a couple of my favorite experts; Rick Renner***  and Brian Simmons **** .

Here it is! So simple. When we use the word AMEN do we realize it is the same as “I believe” “I have faith?”

In the Old Testament all three words come back to the Hebrew word âman, which means: sure, firm, to build up or support. “I’m sure.” “This is firm.”

When I pray and say, “Amen” I am saying, “I am convinced, I am firm, I am persuaded, I am sure.” “I have faith.” “I believe.”

What are you praying for? What are you believing? Have you brought it to God in Jesus’s name? Did you say AMEN and mean it?

I’m so excited about this. I know, I seem a little slow to catch on. Twenty-six years a Christian and these words just all came together and made sense.

I now say, “Amen” and understand I am saying, “I am sure, I am persuaded, I trust God, the one who’s promises are firm.”

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Below is a list of the great men of God I referenced:





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