House built ~ Check

Landscaping in ~ Check

Well Drilled and hooked up ~ Check

It is all quiet on the Hualapai Front.

We are settled and are excited about moving forward.

Hmm, Father’s Day. I was buying Father’s Day cards yesterday and really missed Mary. See we didn’t talk often. She was not like Micki and me, she was happy talking occasionally. But there are always givens. One given is Father’s Day card shopping. Mary and Micki and I had a bond that no one else would know (Well our mom knew). We are the 3 little girls. We are connected in a life that no one else shared. We are witnesses. We are confidantes. We are secret. We giggled and made eachother laugh through all of our milestones and all of our dispair. We shared joys and triumphs.

Moving forward and loving life.

Giggling about my cherished memories.

God is only Good ~ Susie


  • Juls

    June 13, 2013

    so sweet. so real…and so full of “LIFE” Love you sis

  • midge

    June 13, 2013

    …all the time. <3


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