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August 2012

Excitement and Frustration

Wow what a week it has been. It has definitely been a week of peaks and valleys. We came home from a relaxing weekend here….. My adventurous husband and I hiked/climbed this hill!And we got to see them….What a treat to visit with Joey, Lauren, Robin (Poor David got sick), Linda and Sofia. By Monday night we had this going on. Pure excitement to see the progress.Our kitchen taking shape.Our appliances have been anxiously awaiting their home since December, they are ready to be used in their new home.

Outside we saw the arrival of our rockDennis and I rode the Harley past Ashfork, AZ and and saw miles and miles of mined Flagstone. We didn’t know that a year later it would be sitting in our driveway waiting to be placed on our home. When I saw it I hoped 🙂 Speaking of Harleys. Here is a handy place to set helmets and hats with hooks below for leather and chaps.

Monsoons come in the summer on the mountain most times partnered with a rainbow because the sun can’t help but shine in the high desert.Frustration comes when progress slows, people that were supposed to keep their end of a contract don’t follow through. One little thing can halt a project….. So the end of the week was a little disappointing. We continue on and smile and anticipate being in our new home soon.

Anxious ~ Susie