Sonoran Desert

Yesterday Dennis and I flew to Tucson on a quest to find the wild flowers of the desert. We landed in Tucson, and drove to the Saguaro National Park. Oh I took many pictures of the incredible blooms that welcomed us. Do you feel a but coming? In my transient state, the cord that connects my camera to my computer is packed somewhere in a “No need to unpack until final destination” box. The jumbo memory card doesn’t fit in my little ol’ HP laptop. So you will have to settle for the cover picture, which is from a hike last year in the Hualapai County Park, right here in Kingman. When moved I will post them in the drearies of January or something. Come visit, I will have some on canvas in our new home.



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  • Julie Schmitt

    April 23, 2012

    that cover? awesome
    I remember going to Tuscon..the city itself was ugh..but then…WHEW. It’s amazing this unbelievable country…even from the mountains, sea breezes, and the DESERTS of all places …are the MOST AMAZING sites of God’s CREATIONS and “art work” and beauty
    Wow..Suz….how awesome…in a dayz work (ha) from mountain to desert..and the “AWE”someness of God revealed..

    where you are…is the reality of God’s “RUASH” (breath of LIFE)…amen?
    Oooo, keep these “beauties” coming sis (pics…not your vernacular of your sibs..tee hee)….ha. (sorry, I just watched “ARTHUR” the other night “another “beauty””) how can we not laugh
    no no no…not “that” beauty…….the beauty of HIS MAJESTY and CREATION
    yes…that also includes you angel girl……awh

    love you…………………….SEE YOU SOON
    NOW… to spend some INCREDIBLE “QUIET” time with MY JESUS…
    HE likes to “tell me” what “TO DO”…can you believe that? HA

    love you..thanks for sharing these sis….so awesome


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