Windy days

Ahhh, spring in Kingman. The blustery winds begin. We are in full swing of our build. I thought you might like to grasp the length of the house and let me clarify, it is long because it is narrow, we wanted all rooms to share the beauty of the view, so all but guest bedrooms face the mountains. Therefore you end up with a very long house!

From family room to master bedroom; Where’s Dennis?From family room to front door, Where’s Dennis and Gus?Family room to kitchen; Where is Dennis and Gus?

Now I couldn’t resist, we stopped to get our mail at our new mailbox bank and look at the mailboxes.Welcome to Arizona, the old west, where there may be more card carrying members than Michigan!!

We are hard at moving to our temporary home. While in my heart is in Michigan where they are burying my cousin Tom. My heart breaks for all of my cousins and their beautiful families. I knew that times like these would be tough to be away. It is.

I will be in Grand Rapids to celebrate Samantha’s upcoming nuptials and stay with my mom. Until then my family; you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

On the move ~ Susie

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2 Responses to Windy days

  1. Joan Rathbunjolerath says:

    I love the southwest. I want to come out to see you! Love. Granny Joan

  2. Erin says:

    In the neighborhood across the street from us, there is a house that seems to be mirroring your every building move. We walk across the street to the end of the neighborhood about every other day and I visualize myself walking where your pictures are. We call it “Aunt Susie’s House”. Trey is obsessed with this building process and it does my heart good. I feel like I am there with you :O)

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