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March 2012

Windy days

Ahhh, spring in Kingman. The blustery winds begin. We are in full swing of our build. I thought you might like to grasp the length of the house and let me clarify, it is long because it is narrow, we wanted all rooms to share the beauty of the view, so all but guest bedrooms face the mountains. Therefore you end up with a very long house!

From family room to master bedroom; Where’s Dennis?From family room to front door, Where’s Dennis and Gus?Family room to kitchen; Where is Dennis and Gus?

Now I couldn’t resist, we stopped to get our mail at our new mailbox bank and look at the mailboxes.Welcome to Arizona, the old west, where there may be more card carrying members than Michigan!!

We are hard at moving to our temporary home. While in my heart is in Michigan where they are burying my cousin Tom. My heart breaks for all of my cousins and their beautiful families. I knew that times like these would be tough to be away. It is.

I will be in Grand Rapids to celebrate Samantha’s upcoming nuptials and stay with my mom. Until then my family; you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

On the move ~ Susie

Lumber and Labor

Well the moving has begun. We are getting closer to our new house, geographically anyway. Our temporary house is 2 miles away from our permanent and in the same subdivision.

This used to be a 3000 acre ranch, now it is a subdivision of homes on the mountain. Here is our new temporary digs.

The view is beautiful here too.

See we have neighbors! Our realtor Wes found this for us to rent while we finish our build. It is two miles down the road from our new house. Which as of yesterday looks like this, I saw it from a distance while measuring the miles but Dennis asked me not to go see it without him so here’s the shot I took….

This was my teaser until Dennis got out of work. This is so exciting I could hardly stand to stay away! Here’s what it looks like with him. This is the front wall.

and this is a view from the family room.

And my boyfriend waiting to carry me over the threshold ūüėČ

It’s a hassle moving twice, but we will live close to our new house and be able to visit easily. ¬†I wish I could share the smell. Oh the lumber, the aroma of fresh walls is so sweet!

This is a happy man. He is Thrilled to work hard and build a dream nest. Can you see in the distance, next to that humongous rock outcrop our friend’s house? Yes we will have neighbors and the great thing is that they are already friends!

Ephesians 3:20, 21ish  Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or imagine, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory.

We are so thankful, God is so loving. I never imagined this!

On the move ~Susie

29 years ago

Long Beach, California, March 18, 1983 I welcomed Samantha Margaret Hosman into my life. What a joy! She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now.

Snuggling is what we like to do!

Today I celebrate Samantha’s birthday. Far away but happy knowing this will be the first that I am not the first choice of people she wants to share her day. Enter Pete DeBoer, the one she wants to share her day today and always. Wow.

When Samantha was twelve years old she got a dad, brother and sister. What a thrill to be a family! So many changes in a little girl’s life she has developed character and resolve beyond her years. It has been a marvelous journey so far and I am looking so forward to this new chapter as she steps into the role¬†of wife. I don’t have a picture of Samantha and Pete together, uh um….. otherwise this would be a good place to insert here…..

Samantha loves hard, feels passionately about most things and adds color commentary when ever needed.

I am so blessed to be the mom of Samantha Margaret Hosman, her strength, passion and tender romanticism has a way of getting right into my heart and she is gripping. Her new role as wife will catapult her into her dream of marrying a man who loves and cares for her, in a word, Pete. I am looking forward to walking this new road with you Samantha; the ups and downs the jubilation and the trials. Oh the Joy of loving and being loved!

Happy Birthday Lucy! I love you so.

Flying to see Erin!

Mother of the Bride ~ Susie


Spring is for Car Washes

It’s March, we are just about six weeks away from living in Kingman, Az for one year. One year ago I was lunching, saying good-bye and getting ready for our cross country move. I can’t believe how fast this time has gone by.

Today I am sitting at Mr. D’z, a little Diner on Route 66. It’s kind of a cheesy diner but such friendly service and cute place and they have delicious home made root beer.

I dropped my car off to get detailed and the car wash is a block away from Mr. D’z. I have to admit to the whole world, I just took the car seat out of my back seat, it has been there since my children and grand children were here for Thankgiving. Oh I can’t wait to have to put it back in! The inside of my car has not been cleaned inside since then either and there are some scrumptious treats stuck to the seats after the girls drove back from the Grand Canyon with Zoe and Carter throwing food and tempers!

We miss them terribly.

The next time they come to visit we will live on the mountain! Oh they will love the rocks and plants!

Today I am savoring the memories, looking forward to our temporary move in two weeks. Philippians 4:11-13  Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I’m thrilled that God is control and not me. I willingly surrender to His path. I’m not sure of His plan. I am thankful for this year of learning, growth, challenge and discovery. He is amazing and takes much better care of my family than I do!

It is a breezy day in Kingman and I am enjoying the spring.

Soaking up Life and Love ~ Susie


Standing in our bedroom

Today we visited what we are now calling “our house” instead of “our property”. Yes we have a foundation!! I can’t stop singing, “On Christ the solid rock I stand.” There is just something about seeing cement instead of dirt, it makes me think we are really building a house.

Looks long

There it is. Spread across our property.

Dennis capturing the view

I’m standing in the kitchen looking west.

Same spot in the kitchen with a view of our back yard and southwest. 

This is our shower ūüôā Oh and the current bathroom in the distance.

Gus loves our new digs, he is so tired of the confining golf course. There are so many smells and adventures on the mountain!

It’s March, It’s Saturday, It’s the Big Salad!! We love MSU basketball and Dr. Dunning loves the big salad and sports.

Dessert for my boyfriend.

It’s March; it is spring, we are now back to pacific time (which makes trips out of Las Vegas easier to figure), we get to see this house take shape, we are now getting ready for a wedding, we celebrate St’ Patrick’s Day, our heritage, we celebrate the births of Brett and Samantha!

It’s March; we get to speak of basketball teams we’ve never heard of and unknown cities, we get passionate and cheer for them all for the global unity we call Madness!! ¬†This single month, March Madness gets our family chattering on email like no other event. Hang on, we are about to have another web-based Blast cheering for, not necessarily the home team, just the teams we have chosen to go all the way in this crazy season of NCAA Basketball!!

I love March ~ Susie


At the end of the day you’re another day older.

The title is from Le Miserables, what a fabulous musical and sometimes you just can’t get the music out of your head.

Finally we were going to get cement poured at our home.

The ground is ready, we and the contractors are ready.

John and Doug; cement and general contractor. Don't they look ready!?

But alas the winds of spring blow and blow hard in the high desert of Kingman, AZ so today’s wind will halt the pouring of cement.

I woke up this morning with a feeling of angst. Why? Just saying that word makes you makes you feel crooked. Everything is great, building a house, our children are lovely, all quiet on the western front. Then why? Do you ever wake up and  just have that feeling? Maybe just a lot to do. We have to move at the end of the month. Yep move out March 31, then again when our house is complete.

On the other hand, I wake up and know that there are great things happening and thank God, He is in control and not me ūüôā

Spring has sprung!

Philippians 4:8-9¬†¬†Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things¬†are¬†noble, whatever things¬†are¬†just, whatever things¬†are¬†pure, whatever things¬†are¬†lovely, whatever things¬†are¬†of good report, if¬†there isany virtue and if¬†there is¬†anything praiseworthy‚ÄĒmeditate on these things.¬†The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.

Off to a peaceful, productive day ~Susie


Thankful Kind of Day

Maybe those of you who read my blog may get sick of hearing how thankful I am for my husband and God’s grace. I just can’t stop! Most of all I am in awe of God’s amazing way of connecting two lives. I may use the word collide. Yes, I like that word. Dennis Dunning and his past, his shortcomings and children collides with Susie Schmitt and her past and very few shortcomings (just making sure you are paying attention) and her child. This is now a family saved by grace.

I’m drawn to Hebrews 11:13. We’re in the middle of reading of the faith of the elders of the old testament and suddenly we’re hit with the realization that they died before receiving their promises but they saw them “afar off and were assured of them and embraced them.” As they lived though, they continued to have protection and God showed Himself faithful.

In our marriage God has continued to show us¬†through all excitement, trials and the busy times that He is the author of this life we are living. I love this in the Message Bible Hebrews 12:2¬†Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed‚ÄĒthat exhilarating finish in and with God‚ÄĒhe could put up with anything along the way.

As we are building and getting settled here in Kingman, I am so thankful to be on this path.

Our new address

Getting ready to pour cement.

Holes ūüôā for pipes
Pipes in and now it is all patted down ready for cement
Dennis gets to show his mom our new digs

The things we leave behind continue to be a part of us as we run this race in our new life here in the mountains of Arizona.

Exhilarated by gratefulness ~ Susie