Oh a hunting we will go……..

Last week Dennis and I set off to our second hunting trip together. Last years adventure to Utah was a terrific experience. I shot an elk with my rifle and Dennis shot with a bow and arrow but the bull got away. This year we waffled back and forth whether to fly or drive. If we flew our plane and we both got an elk we would be over weight with all the meat. So the Dunning’s love a road trip so off we went. We left three days early for a 14 hour ride, we had an adventure planned. We spent one night in Page, AZ near lake Powell. On Saturday we drove through AZ, UT and CO. We saw God’s amazing imagination with color and texture.


We also saw a mountain lion and goats (not in the same location). We spent hours in the car talking. I love that man.

We spent two nights at the Strater Hotel in Durango, CO. We really loved it there.


Self Portraits monument valley, Navajo Nation, AZ



We arrived in Walsenburg, CO on Sunday night. The whole Outfitter/hunting accommodation is a blog in itself, we’ll just stick with the husband loving wife adventure for now.

I discovered last year the thing I love most about hunting with Dennis is that he takes care of me. Mind you he takes care of me in real life too. This is different. He makes sure I have all my stuff and there is plenty of stuff involved in hunting! He explains the tactics and why you do it.

On the way to Silverton, CO. 10,000 ft

The other part is when Dennis had come home from his previous hunts, he talked of the adventure in the landscape, the beautiful animals and the drive out west. If I didn’t hunt with Dennis I would miss the adventure of getting there, the shared beauty of it all. The three days of travel were incredible. We had no idea the creation that lay ahead of us on this ramble.


In this one spot Dennis is standing on Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona

The poverty of the people on the reservations the United States has set aside for the Native Americans is heart wrenching. They are surrounded by grandeur yet live impoverished.

Durango, CO was one of the cutest towns we’ve seen, it surrounded by mountains with roads that wind in and out of the small piece of old west. We drove from Durango to Silverton, CO which is a little valley walled in with steep walls of multi-colored sandstone.

Durango to Siverton train

Oh this was supposed to be a blog about our hunting expedition! Here I am so caught up in the time we spent anticipating the hunt and incredible time we had pursuing the Old West frontier. Can you blame me? Look at the wonder of God’s Splendor! How majestic is His name!! We definitely found joy in the journey.

Stay tuned for the fun of hunting from a Man vs Woman perspective!

In the meantime check this out! Seriously looks like sand art! Artist ~God!


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  • MJ @ MD School Mrs

    September 23, 2011

    Oh wow Susie! These are such beautiful photos. Those landscapes are breathtaking. Driving there was such an good decision, I’d say. We’re longing to go out west together sometime…

    Glad to hear that your weather is becoming more pleasant….wish I could have had a slice of your apple pie!! Missing you!


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