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About a month ago I was eve’s dropping on my cousins’ Facebook conversations. I saw they were coming to Vegas. What a great opportunity. I invited myself to join in their family fun. They included me and I ran up to see them. We had an incredibly delicious breakfast, then we went to the pool. The actual pool is packed because it was 105 degrees. We stayed out there for an hour! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Fischers. I snagged the picture from Patrick’s fb.

Pool at Palazzo

See but everything now has a Kingman spin to it 🙂 So, Two nights before my Vegas day was planned Dennis’ car wouldn’t start. He was parked at the Lodge on the Hualapai Mountain. So the next morning I had it towed to a local mechanic who couldn’t find anything wrong with it, it started right up. Dennis called and said, “Don’t have anyone in Kingman fix it, we need to take it to Las Vegas, to a dealer.”

As long as I was going to Vegas Friday, I could drop the car at the dealer, the dealer had a shuttle that was happy to drop me at the Palazzo on the strip (I’m sure I’m not the first person to go to the strip while getting my car fixed) and they would send a shuttle later that afternoon so I could make it back to Kingman to go appliance shopping with Dennis. Clock work, I had the whole day scheduled. I would see the Fischer clan and not wear out my welcome, D’s car would be fixed and all would be right with the world! Ha ha, rose colored glasses and well laid out plans can get squashed in an instant!!

I got the oil changed and and there was one “small problem”. “Let’s get that small problem taken care of so it doesn’t turn into a big problem down the road and cost you a lot more money.” is what the customer service representative at the service department. So at about 1:30 pm I thought I should just have them come and pick me up, it was taking longer than I thought and this way I would be ready to hit the road when they finished. I called and he said he would send the shuttle. It might be a bit, the shuttle was 1/2 hour out. So I said my good-byes to the Fischers so they could get on with their fun day and I waited a while for the shuttle. Then I waited and waited.

It’s 105 degrees, the hotel lobby has no chairs except for the casino or bar. I wandered a little, the shuttle driver was supposed to call when he was 5 mins away. What would you do while you were waiting? I found gelato! Spamoni in a home made sugar cone thank you!

Finally about 3:30 the customer service agent called and said he cancelled the shuttle because you know the big problem we talked about? At 3:30 pm the car will no longer start and we can not get the part until Tuesday.

I called Dennis to come pick me up. “Your wife is wandering around the Las Vegas strip, come pick her up!” We live 1 hour and 15 mins from the strip. So what else to do than to head to Neiman Marcus, they must have clearance or something. Wrong again! This NM across from the Wynn only has designer fashions. Well, here I was schlepping around suntan lotioned, sweaty and I’m sure quite a sight carrying my big overnight bag with my pool wear, water and such.

This darling girl at a make up counter offered to do a free facial. Perfect! So I had a relaxing facial, just as I was finishing (I told her I needed a little make up so I could still go to dinner) Dennis called. I gave him directions, I ran outside, crossed the street and he picked me up at the curb in front of Treasure Island and we headed to Cheesecake Factory in Henderson for dinner. We made it home by 9:00 pm.

Some well laid out plans go up in smoke. The worst part of the day was I got so hot and tired crabby. The best part of the day, besides seeing the Pat Fischer family, Dennis not allowing my crabby attitude. In this new chapter of our life he sees me crabby, ignores it and treats me so kind that it is hard to continue my behavior!

Love my family and life here in Kingman.

Blessed ~Susie




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  • Durinda Bontrager

    August 3, 2011

    Susie, I am just jumping inside with what God is doing in both of you. Only God can take our lives and make something beautiful out of it. You are basking in HIS presence and HE is showing you step by step HIS plans. I thank God that HE has taken you to a place that HE knew would begin to unfold HIS diving plan for you.
    I’m so in love with my KING. HE deserves all Glory, Honor and Praise.

    We are going to Canada on Sat. gone for a week. I am looking forward to being with my honey, who calls this place we are going MY CANADA. He has wanted me to experience this for many years, so this year it worked out for me to go, plus my brother and his wife from Florida will be going with us. John has taken men for thirty years, now he is taking his wife, wow, it must be a special place, I’m excited to experience HIS place and plan to have an adventure and an encounter with MY GOD.
    Will let you know how the week goes. I loved all your pictures of your kids and grand kids. Be blessed my dear precious friend, Durinda


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